Steady Chair

2020   /   L:15.5” x W:15” x H:25”
A project in collaboration between ECAL and Flokk.
Intention: Injection Molded Polypropylene
Prototype: Painted Nylon

Steady is a durable lightweight and stackable chair with integrated storage. to adapt to a more dynamic school enironment, steady is easily movable for group or individual activities, yet it maintains the comfort of a more classic school chair. depicted here is scaled for the ages of 8-10

Thematically, steady is about balance. Both light weight and durable. Made of two nesting parts. Suited for the age range of 8-10 still between the cheerfulness of childhood and the desire to grow up. To satisfy these diverging feelings the hope is that the chair with its stool like character is playful and inviting yet the backrest and storage points towards an attitude that is more focused and disciplined. in the result telling of an story that is encouraging of an optimistic and holistic learning environment.


B. 1992 Taipei, Taiwan. Oscar Shu Hao Kwong is a product designer. He studied Industrial design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Since his degree he has been part of Harbourfront Centre’s Artists in residence program, in Toronto Canada. This opportunity allowed him the space to firmly and independently establish his sensibilities. In 2017 he was admitted as part of The Bauhaus Lab, an annual program examining the transcultural legacies of the school. From 2019 to 2021 he enrolled at ECAL in Switzerland for a Masters of Product design. His work examines the poetic spirit that spans all our cultural artifacts, and attempts to translate these feelings through the expression of our everyday objects.