Node Chair

2019   /   L:31” x W: 19” x H:28”
All Aluminum.

An all aluminum chair contrasting casted and sheet language, uses its materiality to suggest something of a paradox. Both smooth and rough, relaxed and rigid, old and new.  The frame is constructed of cast aluminum, rendering out the texture of its’ bamboo positive. This captures the knotty character of the bamboo nodes, the structure like our knuckles and joints become deeply imbedded in the chairs skeletal frame.

The original intent was not to take literal inspiration from the bamboo, because much more beauty can be respectfully represented through the use of the actual material itself. The hope in the translated aluminum casting was that a feeling could be borrowed by this natured material, to suggest something of age; something that is just a little out of order, a little bit out of the reach of control.