Oscar Kwong


Luna Pitcher    

2016   /   L:3.25” x W:2.5” x H:8”
Painted Aluminum, Paper, LED.

Luna pitcher set brings attention the personal relationship we have when drinking. Made from slip casted stoneware, and sanded to a smooth finish, the vessel is soft to the touch.  The opaque body of the pitcher and the cup stands as a soft contrast to the gentle column of water that pours between. Holding the vessel it feels natural, sitting perfectly caressed in the palm of your hand. As if you were gesturing for a cup of water in the air and the pitcher appeared to replace the void. A solid silhouette it is undoubtedly recognized as a pitcher and cup. Yet formally it communicates a sense of softness that perhaps suggests the pureness of water.  


Oscar Kwong is a designer intrigued by the emotional content stored within domestic spaces. Forming a process that examines the poetic spirit that links our transcultural communities, his practice attempts to capture and translate these values though the mindful expression of everyday objects.


At first impression our objects are grounded in function and rationality, there is a humility present in everyday things. In a stoic fashion they commit to their duties and accept their mundane routines. Yet, there is a mindful presence embedded in the ritual quality of these objects. Should we not repay their service with a sense of gratitude and respect. The moment we give ourselves that space, our objects have stories to tell. Within these tales we are give the opportunity to rediscover our relationship with everyday things.