Companion Lamp

2018   /   L:21.5” x W:21.5” x H:39.5”
Painted Aluminum, Paper, LED.

Shining delicately and yet generously, you cannot help but submit to the kindness shared by chochin lanterns. Their spiral skeleton and soft washi skin, holds a presence that still resonates one thousand years into their dutiful service. This lamp attempts to honor the chochin’s tradition, To try and learn from its values and pay respects to its celebrated qualities.

The focus naturally fell on the structure which supports the paper lantern. It was important to achieve a type of balance between the delicate nature of the lantern and suggest a more durable lamp. The result was founded on a conical base with a tube that pierces the lantern, leading to a capacitive touch dimmer on top. A simple key was then devised to stretch and maintain the tension that holds the lantern in place. The approachability of these paper shades was also something that I want to characterize. The proportions were structured so the lamp feels companion-like; an attempt to inject a playful presence, that keeps us company all the while providing us with light.