Oscar Kwong


Incense Burner

2016   /   L:5” x W:5” x H:9”
Anodized Cast Aluminum.

The act of lighting incense is ritualistic. The cast aluminum incense holder takes this permise and attempts to bring attention to the atmosphere of this routine. The form draws attention to the smoke that slowly dances and ribbons out of the incense holder. When one carefully lights the incense, placing it on the stand and closing the lid, one is faced with a sense of anticipation for the smoke to appear and the aroma to reach their nose; an aura of calm resonates through the smoke.


Oscar Kwong is a designer intrigued by the emotional content stored within domestic spaces. Forming a process that examines the poetic spirit that links our transcultural communities, his practice attempts to capture and translate these values though the mindful expression of everyday objects.


At first impression our objects are grounded in function and rationality, there is a humility present in everyday things. In a stoic fashion they commit to their duties and accept their mundane routines. Yet, there is a mindful presence embedded in the ritual quality of these objects. Should we not repay their service with a sense of gratitude and respect. The moment we give ourselves that space, our objects have stories to tell. Within these tales we are give the opportunity to rediscover our relationship with everyday things.