Incense Burner

2016   /   L:5” x W:5” x H:9”
Anodized Cast Aluminum.

The act of lighting incense is ritualistic. The cast aluminum incense holder takes this permise and attempts to bring attention to the atmosphere of this routine. The form draws attention to the smoke that slowly dances and ribbons out of the incense holder. When one carefully lights the incense, placing it on the stand and closing the lid, one is faced with a sense of anticipation for the smoke to appear and the aroma to reach their nose; an aura of calm resonates through the smoke.

B. 1992 Taipei, Taiwan. Oscar Shu Hao Kwong is a product designer. He studied Industrial design from the Ontario College of Art and Design University. Since his degree he has been part of Harbourfront Centre’s Artists in residence program, in Toronto Canada. This opportunity allowed him the space to firmly and independently establish his sensibilities. In 2017 he was admitted as part of The Bauhaus Lab, an annual program examining the transcultural legacies of the school. From 2019 to 2021 he enrolled at ECAL in Switzerland for a Masters of Product design. His work examines the poetic spirit that spans all our cultural artifacts, and attempts to translate these feelings through the expression of our everyday objects.