Cast Side Table

2018   /   L:18” x W: 18” x H:21”
Cast Aluminum. Cast Concrete.

Borrowed here is the feeling which exudes from ishi-doro ( stone lantern ) structures that line temples from China to Japan. The endurance of these stone lanterns saw many iterations, first from Buddhism, then adopted into Shinto and was later more widely popularized through the culture of tea ceremony. So, picture a landscape of moss and weed enveloping a long forgotten object. Upholding its honor it stands and waits ever patiently for the opportunity to once again return to duty. Cast Side table, was an attempt at capturing this stoic demeanor. Intended for outdoor and indoor use, its mirror surface reflects the environment it hopes to serve. The structure leans on the reliability of its material choice The cold finish of these materials suggests somewhat a courageous attitude. One that hopefully stands guard with resolute awareness, willing to pledge its service to you for years to come.