Belay Active Office Chair

2021, ECAL Diploma project
Intention: Aluminium frame and connection
Injection molded polypropylene, Donati base
Superleggera 5 star, Wool fabric
Nylon climbing rope

Belay is focused around the area of active office chair. The starting point emerged out of the pandemic, as a opportunity to question the state of our office task chairs. Stuck in the same position, we can have the best ergonomic chair in the world but it would still require a self conscious effort to correct ones posture.
My hope was with the active element of the chair which is the swinging motion combined with a rotating base. This intervention actively engages the sitters muscles and in turn brings awareness to their sitting posture. The result of the hanging seat creates a three distinction sitting modes. A forward leaning mode which simulates sitting on the edge of a stool activating a more upright posture. A middle free range position that is the most engaging for the core and legs. Finally A rest position supported by the backrest. The Value intention was to inject a level of playfulness into the office space, one that neither neglects nor extorts work. Reflecting a more balanced approach to our work place health.


B. 1992 Taipei, Taiwan. Oscar Kwong Shu Hao is a product designer. His work examines the ritual quality of our everyday objects, with the intention of highlighting its very mundaneness with the resonance of being. To unpack and celebrate their endurance, influence and potential to inspire our spirits. Currently located in Oslo, Norway. For any collaborations or inquiries please feel free to send a message.

2019  —  2021 ECAL Masters of Product Design
2017  —  Bauhaus Lab : Between Chairs
2015  —  2018 Design Residency Harbourfront Center
2010  —  2015 OCADU Bachelor of Industrial Design